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Diva Crush - Musical Artist Press Kit

Approved artist bio for immediate release

Diva Crush genre: Alternative rock, garage rock revival, post-punk, neo-psychedelia, hard rock, shoegaze, Americana

Diva Crush's irreverent non-conforming and aggressively foot-stomping rock-punk-indie originals keep their audiences on their feet, raving and dancing.  With Pat Bennett's raw, rebellious and often confrontational lyrics, powerful singing style, and the band's hard-edged melodies, Diva Crush gives their fans exactly what they scream for: fast, loud and high-energy, flagrantly in-your-face performances every time.  Nope, we're not kids! We're all "mature" adults; because of that, we bring a huge wealth of life experience that gives our music texture, feeling, raw emotion and a depth that can only come from a lifetime of living. And this is a band that knows how to entertain! Diva Crush has been asked to perform at The Troubadour in Hollywood this summer, and recently played Brick By Brick in San Diego on April 8.  They've been invited back time and again for their performances at neighborhood street events, local festivals, breweries, and private parties.

New Releases!

Screw YouDiva Crush
00:00 / 01:09
BadAss WomenDiva Crush
00:00 / 01:06

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Press Photos
Four On A Harley
Eric Loves To Play In The Dirt!

Diva Crush is an independent, self-managed band

Contact Diva Crush:

Phone: 619-741-9940


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