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Little Train Rock - New Release Single by Diva Crush
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You hit me like a train knocked me outta my shoes

And ever since then Ii got the steady steady blues

You came a rollin’ with that chassis yeah rollin’ down the line

Shakin’ that box car and lookin’ so fine

Didn’t stand a chance I was blinded by the light

When your engine hit me babe it felt so right

Shakin’ shakin’ shakin’ honey shakin’ that thing

Burnin’ in my brain like a hundred bee stings

Comin’ right at me I was standin’ on the rails

Hit the grit but I lived to tell the tale


Never knew what hit me like a box full of nails

You ran me over but you didn’t derail

Little train rock come a-screamin’ down the tracks

Don’t know how you did it but I want my heart back

Shiny steel rails yeah curving so fine

Baby baby baby got make you all mine

Never gonna stand on those tracks again

Like staring down a set of horns in a bullpen

Didn’t stand a chance with you but maybe next time

I’ll know a little better stand further on down the line


Never hit the brakes you just ran me down

I must’ve looked just like a lovesick clown

Rockin’ little chassis got me on my knees

My temperature’s about to hit a million degrees yeah!


Shiny little train you know you caught my eye

Straight to my head got me way too high

Wipe that clock gotta slow you down

Movin’ too fast gonna melt me down

Little train rock you know I’m ready to go

Slow down baby got a rod to throw

Blowin’ out smoke got diamonds in the can

If you want me baby baby here I am

Didn’t stand a chance with you but maybe next time

I’ll know a little better stand further on down the line

Approved artist bio for immediate release

Diva Crush's irreverent non-conforming and aggressively foot-stomping rock-punk-indie originals keep their audiences on their feet, raving and dancing.  With Pat Bennett's raw, rebellious and often confrontational lyrics, powerful singing style, and the band's hard-edged melodies, Diva Crush gives their fans exactly what they scream for: fast, loud and high-energy, flagrantly in-your-face performances every time.  This is a band that knows how to entertain! Diva Crush has been invited back time and again for their performances at neighborhood events, local festivals, breweries, and private parties.

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