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We're Diva Crush!

San Diego's favorite rock band! We write our originals with bite, drive and scintillating lyrics - we'll make you dance and sing, cry and pine, laugh and stomp your feet - we'll make you LOVE us! 


Origin:  San Diego, CA


Genres:  Rock, Punk/Alt, Blues Rock, Indie


Years Active:  2016- Present


Label:  Diva Crush Publishing




DIVA CRUSH is a dynamic San Diego original rock band with four members - Pat (vocals, bass, songwriting), Pete (lead guitar), Steve (drums), and Eric (rhythm guitar and engineering).  Nope, we're not kids! We're all "mature" adults; because of that, we bring a huge wealth of life experience that gives our music texture, feeling, raw emotion and a depth that can only come from a lifetime of living.  

All veterans of the long-term music scene, we're focused on creating intensely creative and innovative hard rock songs like you've never heard before.  Diva Crush started as an all-female band in 2015.  People were blown away by our sound and in 2016 we put out a 5-song EP called Goin’ Home to rave reviews.  Goin' Home is a great album but our sound has evolved greatly since then to become edgier and definitely harder.  We've had a lot of changes and challenges to get here but now we're moving forward like never before - we think you'll love our new harder sound!

We have a new agent and will be booked on a small tour in the SoCal and surrounding areas in late 2023; we'll also have a lot of live local San Diego performances lined up shortly.  In the meantime you can find us on STLR Entertainment and Alternative Twist Radio online. 

Diva Crush's newly-released full-length album, Heartburn, is a genre-bending tribute to rock, alternative, punk/indie, and something beyond a blues blend.  You can stream it or buy it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, BandCamp, Soundcloud, Jango Radio and all other streaming platforms.  Be sure not to miss our live shows - there's a whole different sound to them!  Get ready to fall in love with our new songs, and keep on rockin’!  We love our fans, so come out and support us at all of our shows!  Read more about us below!

Meet Diva Crush!


Diva Pat - Bassist,
Lead Singer, Songwriter

Diva Pat

A prolific writer, Pat used to read the dictionary for fun when she was about 8 years old.  She started playing music at 12 years old when her mom bought her a nice classical nylon string guitar.  Her mother had asked if she would like a guitar; Pat said no, she wanted a horse. The guitar showed up instead.


Pat and her sister performed as a duo at local assisted living facilities until her sister moved to Los Angeles. By that time, Pat was a dyed-in-the-wool rocker girl but she didn't really get serious until 2013 when she formed a garage rock band and bought an SRV Strat.


In 2015 she met Beverly Graves, a phenomenal lead guitarist, and they formed the Curve band with three other women.  Pat traded in the Strat for a Tele and a Marshall half stack, and also bought a bass; when Curve broke up, Diva Crush was born. Pat plays bass most of the time but is equally comfortable playing guitar, and writes all our original songs.  After such a long hiatus, Pat is thrilled to be playing with the new Divas in the band!

Crush Pete -
Lead Guitarist

Crush Pete

Our easy-going lead player Pete took classical piano lessons from age 6-11.  The first time he heard "Purple Haze" on his transistor radio, it was bye-bye Beethoven and hello Hendrix.  He taught himself to play guitar on an acoustic his dad gave him on his 12th birthday, and has played guitar and keyboards in various San Diego bands since 1980.  His leads are intuitive and fit our songs perfectly. He's definitely a guy but doesn't mind being one of the Divas!!

Crush Steve -

Crush Steve

Steve is a hard-hitting, hard working and enthusiastic  drummer, and he fits in with us extremely well.  Steve gets our weird sense of humor and we love his drum solos!  He got his first drum set at the age of 8 because his mother got tired of him beating on pots, pans and everything else in the house. From his high school days to now, Steve has played in several different bands at various venues. He is now ready to rock the world with Diva Crush!

Crush Eric - Rhythm
Guitar, Engineering 


Eric has been a drummer and percussionist in over a dozen bands since the ‘80’s with genres including: blues, jazz, metal and punk rock, all of which led to a few rounds of touring in the U.S. and overseas.

In late 2022 when Diva Crush was looking for the right recording studio for our new album, “Heartburn,” we chose Anticline Studios, where Eric is the Production Engineer, because of his ability to decipher our requests for fine-tuning our sound.  He provided the driving rhythm guitar on “Heartburn,” giving Diva Crush the edge and grit we've been chasing for so long. Eric is a great engineer, guitarist and drummer, and Diva Crush is thrilled that he’s part of our team!

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